It starts with a product idea that needs to be developed until the product is implemented on the market. We help your company to implement its product from the first conceptual ideas, to the geometric integration of the components and the detailed design, and all the way through to industrialization. We arrange for prototypes to be created with 3D CAD construction for you at our two development sites in Slovakia (Kosice and Bratislava). Our innovative team in Slovakia works with the first-class CAD software Catia V5 and has already successfully supported numerous German, Slovakian and Italian companies.
Working out the details is the classic way to approach design. If the individual component models are ready, prototypes can then be manufactured and tested. Thus, we create important synergies from the test results to determine usability, user-friendliness and the design for the development process. We are therefore able to offer you top quality at low prices.


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