Welcome – your engineering company for product development

We believe that in today’s complex and globalized economy every company can only secure its competitiveness through constant innovation and continuous product improvement with understandable and emotional product language. The increasingly shorter product cycles provide companies with the challenge of optimally using their capacities. For efficient use of resources, it is imperative to design product development and manufacturing process economically.

We use our wide range of skills and experience to support our customers on their way to achieving the best results. In the process, our services range from product planning to mass production.

  • Our design language has its origins in northern Europe and focuses on environmental awareness, a connection to nature and maximum applicability. To realize your ideas for a holistically attractive design, we rely on the experience of our partners in Finland.
  • We have acquired our development expertise through many years of professional experience in large corporations and medium-sized companies in Germany and abroad. We create functional products that are internationally competitive through lean development processes, the appropriate manufacturing processes and the suitable materials.
  • Our customers benefit from high development quality at low prices through our professionally competent and innovative team in Slovakia.