The story of the birth of the beast.

From the first sketch to the showcar.

We are inspired by people with a bold and unique vision.

The meeting with the head of Engler Automotive was a fateful necessity. We were destined to hear his assignment.

"Design a unique beast for me. An open machine on four wheels. Not a motorcycle, not a car. Create something new!"

Štefan Glova and Viktor Engler, March 2020

It sounded crazy

Why should we be able to create something like this?

Isn't everything already invented in the automotive segment? Innovations and trends were established in the past by great design personalities and innovators with an open mind.

Štefan Glova, CEO


Peter Glova, Chief designer

In spite of everything

The idea sounded like a call to adventure that couldn't be denied.

We knew we were fully competent for this project. 10 years of experience, strong team. Having worked for companies like BMW, where we were equally dedicated to single-track powerful motorcycles, as well as vehicles with a strong predatory and sporty character.

We crossed the threshold and began to think in completely new dimensions.

We left the familiar territory of classic vehicles and our thoughts and first sketches stepped into uncharted territory. We realized that we were developing a new segment of mobility.

Visions, thoughts and paths…

Brainstorming, conversations, consultations and sketching can quickly separate powerful ideas from conventional approach.

At the beginning, we decided to clearly name the biggest challenges, limitations and opportunities of the project. We knew we would be faced with a completely new approach to steering design, seat ergonomics, aerodynamics and last but not least, rider safety.

Big and small goals

Life is too short for average outputs. This is also why short-term goals had to give way to real, long-term goals.

The work was gaining momentum, we were driven by enthusiasm, but fatigue and exhaustion were also coming. We worked under time pressure. The goal was to present the showcar as soon as possible.

However, we realized more and more that pressing for time means many compromises that could damage the whole project. We decided to insist on the quality and sophistication of what we present.

Our decision to break free from the deadline was a turning point.

The time gained motivated us all to bring something extraordinary. Strong thoughts were coming. We designed a unique shape for an ergonomic rider position and adaptive aerodynamics through the rear retractable spoiler or front windshield.

From sketches to 3D modeling

We turn thoughts and visions into precise dimensions

After solving the ergonomics and aerodynamics, we have already reached the familiar ground of what we had already know and processes that we have deeply experienced.

The journey to the real world

We ensure the complete preparation of the concept.

After preparing all 3D outputs, we engaged partners in the process for manufacturing the frame structure and milled model at a 1:1 scale.

Dynamic presentation of Engler V12

3D animation

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After months of work, our dreams of an exceptional vehicle began to turn into reality. What we talked about, what we sketched, got real dimensions, shapes and surfaces.

Engler V12 – the beast is unleashed

The showcar was introduced on March 24, 2024

What we managed to create gave us self-confidence and we started thinking again about how to show the project to the world.

Today we already know the answer to the question: “Is it possible to create an exceptional output from the first sketch to a perfect “Showcar” in 30 weeks?” The answer is, yes. It is possible and it is amazing.

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Unique “V12” shapes

Beast from every angle

video loop 360°

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Look back

Evaluation of key team members over time.

Viktor mobile v01
How the Valta team responded to my challenge is a story I will remember for the rest of my life. The result shocked me. It's amazing to watch people's reactions at Showcar presentations. The audience, the public and the investors alike are captivated. The project is ready for successful industrialization and production of the first prototypes.

Viktor Engler

Engler Automotive

If I look back now. Our team is stronger, more creative and more open to new challenges after this project. If you have one, do not hesitate to contact us - we are ready to create.

Štefan Glova

VALTA engineering

Confidence fosters creativity. I consider this finding to be the most important experience from the Engler V12 project. Thanks to a strong team and experience, we have gained the full trust of the client. This trust untied our hands and gave us the courage to bring exceptional solutions.

Peter Glova

VALTA engineering

We have created a machine that attracts attention. It's fighting the world. We materialized the client's vision. The V12 is admired and in demand. I believe that one day I will see it on the road.

Tibor Glova

VALTA engineering

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